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BodyCraft Cable Crossover Machine F450
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BodyCraft Cable Crossover Machine F450

The BodyCraft Cable Crossover is a full body conditioning machine. All major muscle groups can be trained with this extremely versatile machine. Better yet, all motions are defined by you, more effectively preparing you for every day activities, or sports related movements. with the swiveling high and low pulley stations, your exercise routines on this machine are virtually limitless.

  • The most flexible cable available, coupled with nylon bushings riding along chromed uprights, provide for smooth-as-butter action!
  • Accepts both Standard and Olympic Plates (Olympic Adaptors included).
  • Adjustable Chin-Up Bars included.
  • Extra sturdy construction using 12-gauge 2" X 2" steel tubing. all corners reinforced with triangular gussets. Diamond plate steel brace on floor eliminates bowing.
  • Dimensions: 94 " wide x 32 "deep x 80" high

The Exercises you can perform on a Cable Crossover are far too numerous to Name but Here Are Just a Few Examples:

  • Cable Crossovers
  • Underhand Cable Crossovers for Upper Chest
  • Lateral Raises for Delts
  • Cable Curls
  • Tricep Pushdowns
  • Cable Rows
  • Upright Cable Rows
  • Cable Leg Curls for Hamstrings
  • Hip Abduction/Adduction
  • Abdominal Cable Crunches
  • Lying Rev Abdominal Cable Crunches
  • Lat Pulldowns and much, much more

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Product Specifications
Dimensions: 94 " wide x 32 "deep x 80" high
Optional Station(s): none
Optional Accessories:
Pro-Grip Cable Attachments
Leather Ankle Strap
Standard Weight Plates
Rubber Floor Protector
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

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